Welcome To The Manta Rays! Year 4

We are a class of hungry Rays ready to dive into the year ahead.

We are taught by Mrs Shahor on Monday - Thursday   and Mrs Adams on Friday. We are supported by Mrs Nicholls, Mrs Herbert and Mrs Laywood.

What have we already been learning?

Who was the strange alien like pilot and why did he want to face the storm rather than flee from it?


Children have done some fantastic initial writing to decide what was the story and who was the man on the Airship.



Watch the clip on you tube HERE make sure your parents monitor your internet usage. 


Manta Rays Homework

Click HERE to see your homework choices on our topic this term.


Manta Rays' Spellings

We are using the No Nonsense spelling scheme to support the children in their learning. To find out crocodiles spellings for this year click HERE to download the list and do your practicing at home as well.

Year 4 took part in the tree planting in November. Helping us to plant a total of 60 trees and shrubs around the school grounds. These are all native species and hopefully by the time these children leave the school they will look like established saplings. Children dug holes and used the leaf litter we made in Autumn 2016 to help improve the soil around the trees. 

What are we learning?

To find out what we are learning this Spring Trm click HERE to download our Year 4 curriculum leaflet.


English Novel Study:

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe by CS Lewis

This inspirational story of magical lands and talking animals is beautifully written. The children can immerse themselves in this text going through the wardrobe into Narnia. We look forward to creating some amazing written work.

If you don't know the story we don't read ahead and we will all enjoy the surprises. 

Pictures of the children entering Narnia to follow.



There are many challenging Year 4 maths activities. See below to for some activities to practice at home or look at the assessment to see what is expected to learn in year 4.

  • Learn your times tables up to 12x12. Click HERE for a variety of games. 
  • There is a lot more mathematical reasoning in the curriculum now. Click HERE to see an assessment for the end of the autumn term.
  • Fractions activities can be quite tricky so HERE are some to have a go at.
  • To sharpen your children's mental maths skills click HERE. You can even download an app for  tablet or phone.